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Taylor McConnachie, RP MACP Registered Psychotherapist and Sex Therapist


If I've learned one thing since becoming a sex therapist.. it's how to get creative with my voice and more specifically my wording when wanting to share tips, tricks and other sex therapy related information. Why? Unfortunately, sex therapists are often censored when it comes to virtual platforms such as social media, but even through search engine optimization (AKA SEO). So the idea of a blog really gets some of these creative and *uncensored* juices flowing.

My name is Taylor, and I am a Registered Psychotherapist who specializes in sex therapy. I mean, you probably already know that if you've made it this far to my website, but hey- just in case. My passion for all things sex and sexuality related really started from my own experiences navigating a pelvic pain related disorder and trying to make sense of the impact that this had on my relationship with my body, sex, and relationships in general.

(This will be a post of its own so I won't bore you with the details here, I promise.)

I will warn you in advance, as a therapist with ADHD, a lack of filter and a weird sense of humour, my blog will likely reflect this in *not so subtle* ways. If that is something you can relate to (and/or tolerate), I really hope you find these posts informative and if nothing else, validating.

Again, thanks for being here with me!

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