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I believe that everyone deserves to feel empowered- sexually, emotionally and relationally. I have dedicated my practice as a sex therapist to helping normalize our experiences with sex, creating healthy and sex-positive relationships with sex, and advocating fiercely around women's sexual health.

I created Embodied Sexual Wellness and Psychotherapy as I feel that we can all benefit from having a safe space to engage in sexual healing and learning, and felt there were huge gaps in supports available that specialized in sex therapy and sexual wellness. We are always encouraged to focus on our health and wellness.. well I passionately believe that sexual wellness IS wellness. 


Your journey to sexual wellness is unique, so I don't believe in using a "one-size-fits-all" approach. Instead, I use various therapeutic modalities and approaches to support you as we explore your needs and goals. 


Most importantly, I passionately believe that you deserve to be able to authentically express your sexuality in an affirming, safe, non-judgmental and empowering space.


Offering in-person, phone and virtual therapeutic support with an exclusive focus on sexual wellness and intimacy for individuals and multi-partner relationship dynamics in Ontario. In addition to therapy, we also offer unique and individualized options for sex-positive psychoeducation and sexual wellness workshops .

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a specialized subtype of psychotherapy that focuses on enhancing sexual health and wellness, and addressing barriers that may be getting in the way of leading a fulfilling and empowered relationship with sex and intimacy. While there are many reasons why sex therapy may be a valuable step in your journey, some common presenting concerns that sex therapists can support include sexual/pelvic pain disorders, sexual behaviours and values, desire discrepancies and processing guilt/shame associated with pleasure, sex and sexuality.

Effective sex therapy requires specialized training and knowledge in supporting complex and diverse areas related to sex and sexuality, from a lens that empowers the individual for who they are. As a Registered Psychotherapist/Sex Therapist, I identify as being sex-positive, kink-affirming, and a 2SLGBTQIA+ ally.

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Relational Therapy

Relationships are complex, and every relationship experiences difficulty at times. Sometimes the strain of these difficulties becomes overwhelming, and therapeutic support is needed. Every relationship dynamic is unique, and I believe in embracing the beautiful diversity of relationships. While there are many reasons why relationship therapy may be helpful, some of the specific areas that I focus on are intimacy and sex, desire discrepancies, ethical non-monogamy, and navigating sexual orientation and gender identity realizations.

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Sex-Positive Psychoeducation

Comprehensive and inclusive sex education is important for everyone, and unfortunately, most of us have had inadequate sexual education over the course of our lives. Sex-positive psychoeducation is a necessary component of achieving not only sexual wellness, but overall wellness in every aspect of our lives. Sex education allows individuals to have a deeper understanding of anatomy, functioning, sexual health and dysfunction, reproduction related issues, and healthy boundaries related to sex. Sex-positive psychoeducation helps reduce shame and confusion attached to unhealthy/skewed narratives surrounding our bodies, sex and sexuality. I offer unique and individualized sex-positive psychoeducation opportunities, including webinars, workshops and group learning.

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Call or email to schedule a free phone consultation, add yourself to our waitlist, ask questions, or use the contact form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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Sex-Positive Support for Kink and Nonmonogamy

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